Saturday, July 12, 2008

Icon! Kate Lanphear

I couldn't resist leaving a last post before I go away for a few days, which, of course had to be about my current style icon. Kate Lanphear is style director at US Elle, and her work is beginning to become the focus of the magazine for many. This is one shoot she styled I have tracked down, which is far edgier than the US market is used to (more of a Vogue Paris/Espana feel) and I looove it!

However, her style is the main concern of this post and that too is remarkable. She dresses how I wish I could dress, in black, white and grey; with masculine pieces and huge gorgeous heels. As I've learnt, it's incredibly hard to pull off masculine outfits, with short hair, while still looking feminine; but she is a master of it. 

Must go, more photos of Kate to come!

Sources:   thefashionspot   googleimages

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