Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sick Day

In this pic I wanted to work with my floral dress, but all my tights were in the wash, so I'm freezing my ass off - tho u can't tell

Pretty crap pics, but it's a start :)

J'adore Vogue Paris!

By far the coolest, most wearable, most fabulous, most fantastical, most unbelievable editorial I have seen in weeks!!! 
Find it in Vogue Paris, August. 
It shows, yet again, what an amazing model Sasha Pivovarova is!!!

It completely stopped me wishing for winter to be over. 
Winter could last forever now. 

Source: fashionista 


Lace is a huuuge trend for the coming winter, shown in many collections, but primarily at Prada and Balmain etc ... 
But so far, what is really inspiring me to buy lace is this shot of Sienna Miller (who seems to be climbing back to the top of the fashion stakes)

Source: allure

Nooooo Agyness!!!

Sad news today. Agyness Deyn is obviously trying to 'mix it up' (which she needs to do, cause the fashion world is kinda getting over her look). 
But, she has restyled her hair into a bowl type thing with a short fringe. From what I have seen so far ... 

I do NOT like it. :( 

Sources: whoworewhat

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Every summer, I vow to go camping and prance through the fields in a white lacy dress. It's a hippy type dream I know many share. This beautiful pic of Alix from 'thecherryblossomgirl' epitomizes that dream, and inspires me to try harder to do it this year!!! 

Source: thecherryblossomgirl

Models Speak

Found this on the fashion spot, and although it's not exactly recent (ss06), its still pretty cool. And it gives me more reason to love Freja :). 

'Sex will save the world!' 

Source: thefashionspot

Hayden's new bob

Though I'm all for shorter hairstyles, for thousands of reasons, some cuts are better for certain age groups. The bob is a good example ... 

On Katie and Posh it looks flattering, modern and makes them look more youthful, yet sophisticated, and therefore suits their age. However, for Hayden Panettiere (who recently cut her hair), it makes her look far older than 18, and not in a good way! 

Its a good cut, and suits her, but can't she at least wait a few years! 

Sources: queenoftheposhandbroke   eonline   celebrityhairstyles

Monday, July 28, 2008

50s housewife

As part of this blog, I planned to feature an equal share of my style and photography, with photography and style of others I found on the net. However, as of yet I've posted one pic of my 'style' :). However, I promise there will be more, I'm just so busy and the weathers been so crap. But, luckily yesterday there was a patch of sun, just enough to take some photos for a school assignment. I thought I would share my favourites of yesterday ... 

Super Girl

I've always wanted to be a superhero :) 
Ah childish dreams. 
However, that dream has been turned into reality by designer Antonio Berardi and his f/w 08/09 ready to wear show. 
Let me illustrate ... 


Sunny Days

It is unbelievable how desperate I am for summer right now. We have had the biggest storm in a decade, with another on the way tomorrow night. I love winter, but I'm dying for weeks of hot days, zimmermann bikinis, boomboxs playing James Taylor, picnic rugs on the beach, trashy magazines, fish and chips, and long dresses to wear out to dinner on balmy nights. Good news tho, I may be heading to Sydney for a week these coming holidays! 

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shoes shoes shoes!!!

Yet another pair of dream shoes. Hilarious and cool. Trust Karl Lagerfeld. 


Monday, July 21, 2008

Obsessed ... with shoes has done a piece on the shoe trends they spotted in f/w 08/09. 
They mentioned ... 

Thick chunky heels 

2008 chunky heeled shoes trend

Tapered heels

2008 tapering heels trend

Square toes

2008 square toe shoes trend

Above the knee boots

Thigh-high above the knee boots.

Lace-up shoes and boots 

Lace-up shoes and boots trend 2008


Foho fringed shoes and boots trend 2008

Pointy toes and  stilettos 

Sources: fashionising

Dream boot

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, so busy back at school. Argh! Anyway, I did get by hair cut, didn't quite turn out like I hoped, not so Agynessy as I wanted lol. He layered the fringe heaps and gave me a sort of side fringed pixie cut. But, I do love it. A good hairdresser is irreplaceable. I have the school ball on Friday so I'll post a pic of my new hair when I post a picture of my outfit.  

ANYWAY... the dream boot. I just bought a pair of shoes. 
By far the coolest shoes I have have ever seen, let alone owned. They were second hand, but never worn, Italian, black suede, high high high stiletto ankle boots with fringing. haha. Fringing. Love it. Such a trend, but I couldn't resist the boots, and it won't be until next year that the mainstream shops start making imitations that make me scream with anger. I paid! Anyway, I couldn't resist them, and (even though I really shouldn't) I'm wearing them to the ball. I have dreamt of fringed ankle boots since I saw them in the genius Gucci fall/winter 08/09 show. Jefferson Hack (of Dazed and Confused mag and Kate Moss' daughter Lila Grace's father), mentioned the sexy sound of leather whips as the models walked the runway. 

Also in f/w, Balmian showed a high heeled moccasin that I adored, the perfect balance of rock n roll and sophistication. 

So, I am in loooove with my boots, and should not be thinking about any other style ... but! Today on, the item of the week was the Miu Miu motorcycle boot, and I fell in love again. 

Gorgeous! But, to me the selling point is the buckled harness that can be removed when you 'feel more Halston than Harley-Davidson'. Fashionable and pratical! 


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I hope I hope

Hopefully this will be waiting for me on the 9th of August :) My bday :) 


Check out the ad on youtube as well 

This is what Jean Paul Gaultier said about the new fragrance 

"The word 'madame' is very bourgeois and old-fashioned. But 'Ma Dame' is completely different. It's my type of woman - at the same time fragile and strong, like a tomboy that is a little androgynous in attitude so, you know, she can cut her hair if she wants. It's a cliche that women have to have long hair to seduce a man. But [cutting your hair] means something - an independence, that women don't always have to seduce a man. They can seduce a woman, if they want." 

Aha! That is how I want to reply to anyone else that asks 'why on earth!' I cut my hair. 
And I'll need the reply because tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut again :0 woooo