Monday, July 21, 2008

Dream boot

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, so busy back at school. Argh! Anyway, I did get by hair cut, didn't quite turn out like I hoped, not so Agynessy as I wanted lol. He layered the fringe heaps and gave me a sort of side fringed pixie cut. But, I do love it. A good hairdresser is irreplaceable. I have the school ball on Friday so I'll post a pic of my new hair when I post a picture of my outfit.  

ANYWAY... the dream boot. I just bought a pair of shoes. 
By far the coolest shoes I have have ever seen, let alone owned. They were second hand, but never worn, Italian, black suede, high high high stiletto ankle boots with fringing. haha. Fringing. Love it. Such a trend, but I couldn't resist the boots, and it won't be until next year that the mainstream shops start making imitations that make me scream with anger. I paid! Anyway, I couldn't resist them, and (even though I really shouldn't) I'm wearing them to the ball. I have dreamt of fringed ankle boots since I saw them in the genius Gucci fall/winter 08/09 show. Jefferson Hack (of Dazed and Confused mag and Kate Moss' daughter Lila Grace's father), mentioned the sexy sound of leather whips as the models walked the runway. 

Also in f/w, Balmian showed a high heeled moccasin that I adored, the perfect balance of rock n roll and sophistication. 

So, I am in loooove with my boots, and should not be thinking about any other style ... but! Today on, the item of the week was the Miu Miu motorcycle boot, and I fell in love again. 

Gorgeous! But, to me the selling point is the buckled harness that can be removed when you 'feel more Halston than Harley-Davidson'. Fashionable and pratical! 


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