Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I hope I hope

Hopefully this will be waiting for me on the 9th of August :) My bday :) 


Check out the ad on youtube as well 

This is what Jean Paul Gaultier said about the new fragrance 

"The word 'madame' is very bourgeois and old-fashioned. But 'Ma Dame' is completely different. It's my type of woman - at the same time fragile and strong, like a tomboy that is a little androgynous in attitude so, you know, she can cut her hair if she wants. It's a cliche that women have to have long hair to seduce a man. But [cutting your hair] means something - an independence, that women don't always have to seduce a man. They can seduce a woman, if they want." 

Aha! That is how I want to reply to anyone else that asks 'why on earth!' I cut my hair. 
And I'll need the reply because tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut again :0 woooo 

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